Ensure Energy Invoice Accuracy

Eliminate Tax Errors

Inaccurate bulk fuel invoices are a big problem

No ethical bulk fuel supplier would purposely generate inaccurate invoices. But it really doesn’t matter whether it’s intentional or not – erroneous invoices can incur the wrath of everyone from your customers to a multitude of government agencies.

Despite the potential damage to reputations, not to mention the possibility of enormous tax liabilities down the road, invoice inaccuracy is a documented problem. Across the fuel industry, errors occur on roughly 25% of all bulk fuel invoices1.

As a bulk fuel supplier or distributor, inaccurate invoices can impact your margins, generate unnecessary operational costs, and may result in back taxes, penalties and fees. Worst of all, they erode trust and can potentially cost you business.

Fuel tax complexity and volatility are not slowing down

Federal, state, county and municipal governments each take different approaches to fuel taxes. Invoice generation requires the understanding of each jurisdiction’s rules for each fuel type, including: blends, tax rates, deferrals, allowances, title transfer location, buyer licenses, exemptions, and much more. In addition, each jurisdiction may levy excise tax, sales tax, environmental taxes, underground storage tank taxes, along with various fees.

Increasing the risk of a mistake, this incredibly complex system of indirect taxes is an ever-moving target. The number of separate changes to fuel excise taxes throughout the U.S. rose 106% between 2011 and 2013. The need for states to fortify highway maintenance funding ensures that fuel tax volatility will continue for the foreseeable future.

Avalara AvaTax Excise can help

Invoice accuracy is an issue that demands proactivity. Once your customers – or the government – discover errors in your invoices, irrevocable damage may already be done.

Avalara AvaTax Excise understands fuel taxes. It connects directly to your back-office system’s pricing process to handle the determination and calculation of taxes for bulk fuel invoices. In addition, it improves customer service and audit support through comprehensive tax reporting and tax transparency.

Avalara handles the complexity and the tax changes, making sure that every invoice you generate is accurate.

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